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Plant Growth Spike

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Feed and Grow Stronger Houseplants! 

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward solution for your house plant’s health, the Plant Growth Spike is what you need! This plant fertilizer spikes contain nutrients that are continuously released, then penetrate in the soil, and keep them healthy and vibrant. 

Versatile and affordable, they keep your plants growing beautifully with minimal effort. They are made to feed and nourish all kinds of indoor plants for 2 months. With this easy, mess-free option, no more trying to achieve a perfect balance of sunlight and water. 


  • Indoor plant care – Features fertilizer spikes that promote lush foliage and beautiful blooms for all flora and foliage house plants. 

  • Hassle-free – Reduces the guesswork of trying to achieve perfect balance of sunlight and water. Mess-free and effortless option. 
  • Long-term best results – Contains essential micronutrients that will penetrate deep in the soil and release continuously. Feeds up to 2 months before replacing. 

  • Easy to use – Make a hole in moist soil with the hole nail halfway between the plant stem and pot rim. Place one food spike in each hole, press down, and cover fully.
  • Widely used – Perfect for all kinds potted house plants such as ferns, spider plants, pathos, croton, and more. 
  • Versatile – Works with outdoor garden plants just as well. 

Recommended Amount For Use

  • Flower pot diameter: 8-9 cm – half of 1 fertilizer
  • Flower pot diameter: 10-12 cm – 1 fertilizer
  • Flower pot diameter: 13-16 cm – 3 fertilizers
  • Flower pot diameter: 17-20 cm – 4-5 fertilizers
  • For pots with additional sizes of 3-4 cm, the amount of application should be increased by 2 accordingly. 

How To Use

  • Use the product according to the recommended amount
  • Punch the moist potting soil with the enclosed plastic hole nail in the middle of the plant stem and the edge of the pot. 
  • Insert a nutrient plant fertilizer into each small hole and gently press it with your hand to make it completely submerged in the potting soil.
  • Apply the product once every 2 months in spring and summer, and once every 3 months in autumn and winter. 


  • Ingredient: Fertilizer
  • Packing size: 7 x 6 cm
  • Net Content: 25g (about 24 pieces)


Product Includes

  • 1 x Box Plant Growth Spike