• Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum
  • Sand Pendulum

Sand Pendulum

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Remove your stress and feel relaxed as you watch it swinging

Too much pressure in your daily life? Get the mesmerizing Sand pendulum and watch hypnotically as it traces exquisite patterns in the sand base that will give you the ultimate relaxation. You can start this pendulum by providing a gentle swing. Then, you can watch the path this pendulum takes through the sand. It swings slowly back and forth in harmonic motion and creates entrance patterns and mandalas in the sand. You will want to stare at it for hours!

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A Stress Relief Pendulum:

  • Watching the swinging pendulum, you can get relief from daily life stresses and anxieties. The endless motion of swinging back and forward movements will amaze you and, at the same time, provide the relaxation from stressful times.

Highly Decorative:

  • The pendulum is a decorative accessory for indoor. Excellent addition to any zen garden, school science table, and much more! You can place it on a table or desk. Also, suitable for office, living room, bedroom, and outdoor decoration.

Felicitous Gift:

  • The creative sand pendulum can be the best gift for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. Also, a unique gift for kids. Get the magical sand pendulum for yourself or as a unique gift that will surprise your family and friends.

Mesmerizing Patterns:

  • This pendulum is a stunning beauty of gravity. Different start angles provide various patterns to witness the beauty of gravity and momentum.

Educative Tool:

  • The pit and pendulum provide the viewers with a firsthand experience of math and physics. 


  • 1 x Sand Pendulum

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